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Head Hunt CV Tool

You can now have your CV on a sharable link so that we can easily and painlessly keep sharing it with your potential employers. Use these few steps to create and add your CV sharable link.

Advantage of a CV Shareable link to a job seeker:

  1. You have absolute control of the CV accessibility to others. You can turn on or disable accessibility within Google Drive. 
  2. Your CV is actively viewed by Employers while you do other things
  3. With just your Gmail Account, you can always come back to this page and update your sharable link with a new CV at anytime.

Advantages to Employers

  1. Have access to the most advanced sorting tool by Google team to find exactly what you want and how you want it.
  2. You do not need to open hundreds of CV to know what is there, simply hover on a sharable link to see the first part of the CV.
  3. Convenience, Simplicity , and Effectiveness in recruitment is all converged on one page.

​ Go to with your GMAIL account logged-in and follow the steps below to create your CV sharable link.

Step 1: Click New on the left. Then click File Upload 

Step 2: Choose the location of the CV and upload it. You will see a message below: 

Step 3: Locate the CV file you have uploaded, right click it and select share from the list of options.

Step 4: Copy the link CV link via the copy button. Do not change anything else. Paste that link in the form above and submit. 

Caution: Never Pay Money in a Recruitment Process.

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