Biogas Solutions Uganda Ltd (BSUL)
Biogas Solutions Uganda Ltd (BSUL)
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Biogas Solutions Uganda Limited is a private company limited by guarantee managed jointly by Hivos and SNV as a component of the African Biogas Partnership Programme (ABPP) funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The African Biogas Partnership Programme (ABPP) is currently operating in 5 African Countries namely; Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Biogas Solutions Uganda Ltd is the national implementing agency for Uganda.
How BSUL Works
Biogas Solutions Uganda Ltd operates as the lead partner in the nurturing of the biogas sector. Whilst we neither build the bio digesters nor finance their construction, we are responsible for the quality of the bio digesters to ensure that end users get value for money. We work with our partners to expand our reach in order to ensure that our simplicity is supported by scale.
As BSUL we handle the following functions;
We train and certify the players in the biogas industry specifically the masons who do the construction.
We train the BCEs in carrying out quality checks to ensure that the bio digester is of quality during and after construction.
We grow public awareness for the sector.
We train farmers on benefits of bio-slurry as a potent fertilizer to increase crop production.
Through our certified agents, we carry out after sales services to ensure that the end users know how to operate the bio digester and its basic maintenance.
Develop quality codes that are adhered to by the sector players.
All the plants we are constructing from October 2014 have a code – a unique identification number which when entered into our system gives the details about the client, size of plant, location and the BCE that constructed the plant.
We have established a customer care call centre where we receive and record all the calls to us seeking technical advice and reporting of a faulty plant.Fixed Dome

Modified Camatec Design (MCD) adopted from Tanzania
BSUL 2015 Design modified from MCD by BSUL in 2015.
Polythene Bag Type Design

BSUL is promoting 3 types, Flexi, Sistema and Home Biogas
Floating Dome Digester

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