Avanti Energy Services Limited
Avanti Energy Services Limited
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Avanti Energy is focused on the exploration, development and production of helium across western Canada and the United States.

The powerful gas exploration company was formed by a group of oil and gas veterans who were in pursuit of opportunities for helium production. With decades of experience under its belt, this company has the expertise vital to vetting untapped potential helium reserves in North America. In discovering such, Avanti can secure new, lucrative sources of helium.The team has identified key areas for helium exploration in Southern Alberta and Montana and to date Avanti has successfully acquired ~78,000 acres of prospective helium acreage within the Greater Knappen area. The asset has multiple helium target intervals in Devonian and Cambrian.

Avanti has drilled 2 wells to date in the Greater Knappen, resulting in a major helium discovery. The completion results of the Cambrian Flathead formation yielded over 4MMcf/d total gas with 1.1% Helium and 97.5% Nitrogen. DSTs in the Souris River also confirmed 1.2 % He and ~92 % Nitrogen. Completion operations and evaluations are ongoing. Journey Engineering has been contracted to provide engineering services for pre-FEED (front end engineering and design) study for a helium processing facility for the discovery well with the goal of bringing the well into production as quickly as possible. Avanti is also proceeding with drilling plans for appraisal wells to determine the areal extent of the reservoir on the discovery well.
Greater Knappen spans an area of ~78,000 acres. Gas analysis from multiple zones exhibits helium concentrations up to 2.18% and nitrogen up to ~98%. Knappen is one of our strategic targeted areas with nitrogen-rich helium in multiple zones. The presence of several deep structural closures in the area is ideal for trapping helium in economic quantities.
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