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Chapter Four Uganda is an independent not-for profit non-partisan organization dedicated to the protection of civil liberties and promotion of human rights for all in Uganda. It derives its name from the bill of rights contained under chapter four of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda.

Incorporated in 2013 under the laws of Uganda, Chapter Four Uganda is a robust and coordinated mechanism for legal response to abuse of civil liberties. The organization provides bold and innovative legal response through representation, litigation and counsel to the most vulnerable and discriminated sections of society.

Our mission is to provide a robust, strategic and non-discriminatory legal response to the abuse of civil liberties in Uganda. Our mission is to provide a strategic and non-discriminatory legal response in the defense of civil liberties in Uganda. We employ public interest litigation, research and legal analysis, and advocacy to advance social change for the protection of civil liberties and human rights.

A society in which civil liberties and human rights are enjoyed without discrimination and those who abuse the rights are brought to account.

Chapter Four Uganda mobilizes domestic, regional and international legal expertise to provide public interest litigation, strategic litigation, legal representation and lawyering as a means to access justice, obtain redress for the abuse of civil liberties and protect human rights.

Chapter Four Uganda employs both proactive and reactive means to achieve its objectives. We provide research, advocacy and outreach services as a means to influence laws, policies and practices; and in cases where laws, policies and practices threaten civil liberties and human rights, challenge them in courts of law.

Chapter Four Uganda gives priority to the cases with the greatest impact (far reaching impact), as well as those involving the most vulnerable and marginalized groups.

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