Health Access Connect
Health Access Connect
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Our Vision

To set the standard for how to bring sustainable, equitable health services to remote, marginalized communities.

Our Mission

To link remote communities to healthcare.

Learning about the need

Kevin Gibbons and Carolyne Ariokot started Health Access Connect based on the need for anti-retroviral treatment (ART) and other health services that they witnessed in fishing villages on Lake Victoria. Many people fail to get health services because it’s too expensive and difficult to travel to the nearest facility. We said, “There must be a way to address this problem!” HAC came from that initial need that we learned from the communities, and our programs are all designed to serve our mission to link Ugandans living in remote areas with healthcare resources.

Coming up with solutions

Initially, we thought, “Let’s start a delivery service to deliver anti-retroviral drugs to remote villages.” But as we discussed the idea with health officials, they informed us that only health workers can distribute medicine in Uganda, so our model developed into a way of bringing the health facility to these remote areas on a monthly basis. Over time we have worked with health workers to integrate more services, including malaria treatment, vaccinations, perinatal care, child checkups, and family planning.

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