Mukwano Industries Limited
Mukwano Industries Limited
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Our Mission
To become the supplier of choice for Fast Moving Consumer Goods in East and Central Africa.

Our vision
We are committed to produce safe and quality brands that enrich the lives of people in East and Central Africa every day.

About Mukwano Industries Uganda Ltd.
Mukwano industries Uganda Limited is the leading conglomerate in East and Central Africa and a major player in key business sectors covering manufacturing, agriculture, and logistics supply chain that drives the Ugandan economy. Its origins date back to 1910 when members of the family first set foot in East Africa and established a trading company. The business has grown through the visionary diversification into various areas of manufacturing, agriculture, property development, and logistics, and supply-chain management.

We are proud to have attained local and regional recognition for the production of a wide range of high quality and affordable Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs) ranging from laundry, toilet soaps, edible oils and fats, powder detergents, domestic and industrial plastics, packaged drinking water and proteins for animal feeds with state of art technology cutting across all sectors.

Mukwano ranks among the top taxpayers in Uganda and employs a workforce in excess of 7,000 staff, whilst ensuring that the highest environmental, health, and safety practices are adhered to and maintained in all production and operational procedures. Mukwano is certified by ISO 9001:2015 and 22000:2005 (Reg: No. 0302010), Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS), the Halal Bureau, and also ISO 22000:2005 covering water production.

Our Core Strengths
Mukwano’s core strengths manifest in the production of plastics, packaged drinking water, soaps, powder, and Liquid detergents, edible oils, and fats, and proteins for animal feeds.

Our agricultural operations are mainly based in the Lango sub-region of Northern Uganda and
extend to West Nile, Bunyoro, and parts of Eastern Uganda and cover over 30 districts.

Logistics and Supply Chain
Our extensive distribution network with a fleet of 200 heavy, medium, and light trucks alongside smaller commuter delivery pickups and vans enables us to avail our entire range of products in good condition to consumers at their designated destinations within the delivery times agreed.

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