Raising Gabdho
Raising Gabdho
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Raising Gabdho is a social enterprise which aims to accelerate clean, accessible and sustainable energy for vulnerable communities through innovations for products, approaches to behavioural change and benchmarking good practices. We believe that a mixed solution can accelerate clean energy uptake to reduce the effects of energy poverty and bridge the gap of energy aid poverty as well.

Working Together
Through clean energy initiative, Raising Gabdho foundation came up with the Zeed energy project to help combat problems associated with the collection and use of cooking fuel, Gender based violence (GBV) and respiratory illnesses caused by burning firewood and other solid fuels indoors.

We aim to accelerate the uptake of renewable energy technologies through providing quality, reliable accessible and sustainable renewable energy technologies.Life is difficult for women and girls who face consistent threat of sexual assault in refugee host communities, lack of a sustainable basic necessity like “cooking fuel” is at the root of that threat. Without the need of putting themselves at risk of rape while collecting firewood, our #ZeedEnergy stoves and briquettes keep girls and women safe and improve overall quality of life.

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