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Our Story

Since our inception in 1987, Village Enterprise has evolved into a leading organization in the poverty alleviation sector.

With over 1.1 million lives transformed as of 2020, we aim to lift 600,000 additional Africans out of poverty by 2023 and transform 20 million lives by 2030.

Through local leadership and a strong record of adaptation and innovation, Village Enterprise has been recognized by industry leaders, including ImpactMatters, Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA), and The Life You Can Save, as evidence-based and cost-effective. We are now scaling our work and impact through partnerships with leading NGOs and government entities.

Village Enterprise is now one of the only non-profits of the 1.5 million in the United States to have top ratings from six rigorous charity evaluators, including a four-star Charity Navigator rating for the seventh consecutive year.

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About Village Enterprise

Community-based and African-led, Village Enterprise is working to end extreme poverty in rural Africa.

With over 30 years of experience working in rural Africa, the Village Enterprise team is guided by our core values of ubuntu, passion, integrity, innovation, and sustainability. We work closely with the communities we serve to create and implement solutions that build self-reliance, financial inclusion, and resilience.

Who we are

Our mission is to end extreme poverty in rural Africa through entrepreneurship and innovation. We are an African-led team which envisions a world free of extreme poverty, where people have the means to sustain their families. Our cutting-edge organization is driven by data, consistent evaluation of our programs, and commitment to improving our program through human-centered design and lean impact approaches.

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Where we are going

Our goal is to transform 20 million lives by 2030. Over the coming years, we will continue to expand our work in Africa well beyond Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, the DRC, and Mozambique. Building on our past experience of lifting over one million Africans out of extreme poverty, we will collaborate with partners to scale up our poverty alleviation work while also driving advocacy efforts.

We are constantly evolving our organization to ensure that we have best practices in place and remain at the forefront of the poverty alleviation sector. As we looked to the future, we formulated a three-year strategic plan with five interrelated priorities — all building upon the core focus of entrepreneurship to end extreme poverty.

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