Windle International Uganda ( WIU )
Windle International Uganda ( WIU )
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Windle International Uganda leads the way in providing quality education for refugees and people affected by conflict. From early childhood right up to the postgraduate level, we help people to fulfill their potential, lead fulfilling lives, and contribute to sustainable development.

Windle International Uganda is part of Windle International, an INGO made up of independent charitable organizations based across East Africa and the UK. Together, we help over a million people to access quality education across East Africa every year.
Started in 1977 with the establishment of Windle International Kenya in Nairobi by founder Dr. Hugh Pilkington, we now operate in Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, and the UK.
Together, we empower refugees and people affected by conflict to achieve their academic potential and contribute to sustainable development, by acting as a leading provider of quality education and training.

Windle International Uganda was established in 1996 to promote peace and development in communities. We provide access to quality education and training, we advocate for the rights and needs of the people we serve, and we directly deliver programs.
Over the last 25 years, we have supported thousands of young people affected by conflict in Uganda and helped them transform into change-makers in their countries of origin.

In partnership with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, the Office of the Prime Minister in Uganda and other partners, we operate in all stages of education, from running Early Childhood Development centers to primary, secondary, post-graduate education and Vocational Learning Centres. Our education interventions help students to think creatively about development challenges, and promote self-realization.

We work as a team of over 3,000 humanitarian workers across 13 refugee settlements in 12 districts of Uganda to deliver our program areas of;
Refugee and Host Community Education Management, Scholarships Management, School Feeding Project, Youth Engagement for lifelong learning, Infrastructural Development, Teacher Training, and Online University Study.


Educated, Empowered and Inspired Young People

WIU core objectives
  • To ensure access to safe and quality primary and secondary education for  refugees and people affected by conflict in Uganda.
  • To promote scholarships for tertiary education and training for refugees and people affected by conflict in Uganda.
  • To strengthen youth engagement for improved skills and knowledge for refugees and people affected by conflict.
  • To support research and policy advocacy engagement at national and international levels.
  • To strengthen and support planning, policies and resources mobilization for institutional growth.
WIU Core Values

Respect for Individuals
WIU shall value and uphold with dignity the potential and worth of every individual, including beneficiaries, staff, partners and stakeholders.

WIU shall promote fairness through equitable treatment and nurturing of staff and beneficiaries.

Honesty and Transparency
WIU shall operate with honesty and transparency with donors, beneficiaries, stakeholders and within the organization.

Professional Conduct
WIU shall adhere to the highest professional standards in the management of its programmes.

WIU shall practice responsible stewardship of resources by ensuring efficient and prudent use of funds and equipment & by always seeking value for money.

Child Protection and safe guarding

At Windle International Uganda, we understand our increasing role in the humanitarian space and the need to work with other aid agencies to safeguard those we serve from sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse. The safety and wellbeing of all Persons of Concerns as they come into contact with our services across all operations is something we take seriously.

Child protection and safeguarding is therefore a vital process that protects children and adults from harm, abuse, and neglect.

As passionate advocates for fundamental human rights, we have dedicated measures in place that prevent the abuse of all people, particularly those who fall within our support systems, including women, children, and vulnerable people. We are aware that the opportunities and services provided through our programmes can create a power differential between those who are employed by us and potential programme participants. We acknowledge that there is a risk for this power imbalance to be exploited.

We have put in place guidelines and policies to ensure that those under our care are protected from any form of abuse. It is the duty of every WIU staff member in a school or at a workplace including contractors to safeguard all children, provide awareness and the right services to those who are unable to protect themselves from abuse, harm and neglect.

We also have a comprehensive Global Safeguarding and Protection Framework which has been developed to ensure the maximum protection of programme participants across all countries of operation from exploitation, and to clarify the responsibilities of our staff, volunteers and visitors to the projects and the standards of behaviour expected from them.

Download our Global Safeguarding & Protection Policy Framework 

Download our Safeguarding Code of Conduct 

Download our Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) Policy


To promote peace and development in communities through provision and coordination of education and training for refugees and people affected by conflict.

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