Youth Challenge International ( YCI )
Youth Challenge International ( YCI )
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Our Belief

Youth innovation drives positive change and we develop creative, market-ready solutions that catapult youth around the world to succeed and prosper.

Together we transform conversations about youth and innovation into real solutions that inspire young people to realize meaningful employment and overcome the challenges they face.

When youth have access to a steady income there is a ripple effect of positive change. For 30 years we have witnessed the forward-thinking ways young people build an income and enhance their lives.

Our approach explores the intersection between youth and innovation by addressing health, the environment and inequality within the employment solutions we co-create.

Our talented team connects with partners to set these game-changing ideas into action at scale. From ideation to operations, our solutions address all facets of youth employment.

Our Approach

We are driven by youth and their potential to affect positive change in the world.

Our solutions are focused – always keeping the young people we are designing for and with at the centre of the conversation. Together with our partners, our approach is rooted in creativity and constantly evolving to respond to changing needs and market realities.


Setting Ideas into Motion

Through co-creation, new possibilities for youth employment and development emerge. To better understand these opportunities, our Creative Team brings together diverse players (young people, partners, donors and creative professionals) who want to share, learn and participate in the exploration process. Challenges and opportunities are uncovered and new ideas emerge.

The Power of Conversation

Dynamic conversations fuel further exploration of ideas and opportunities, and the Creative Team spends time listening. Complemented by relevant research, observations and experience, these conversations form the basis for game changing solutions.


Drawing on Collective Strengths

One outcome of the youth innovation conversation is the ‘Solutions Team,’ which is composed of action partners, young people and the YCI Creative Team. The Solutions Team moulds proposed solutions, drawing on collective insights and skills to inform design. Promising solutions move on to development. The team then collaborates, using the YCI talent network to assemble the resources required to bring the solution to life.

Solutions in Action

Our solutions are dynamic, and in a state of continual evolution. It starts with the pilot, where the solution is live-tested in context. We watch, we listen, and we continue the conversation to understand how the solution actually works, and whether young people are profiting. From here we iterate, refining solutions to continually serve the needs of young people.


Open Source to Amplify Impact

Successful solutions were meant to be shared. We consistently monitor and reflect on our solutions to keep the world in the loop with how youth innovation drives positive impact. Our solutions are open source, allowing them to spread and impact at scale.

It All Comes Down To People

YCI is an organization where diversity and talent come together to shape a better future for youth around the world.

We are a family of challenge seekers who are compelled to act and united by our manifesto.

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