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Deadline of this Job: 15 October 2022
Livestock Production Officer (Feed and Animal Nutrition)
Ref LP I (one position)

Duties and responsibilities.

In a collaborative partnership with project partners, and under supervision of Ibanda University (IU), the livestock production officer (feed and animal nutrition) is responsible establishment of functional center of excellence in pasture management at the university, on- farm production pasture aggregation, marketing, and value addition. S/he in collaboration project partners will provide technical assistance to the Community animal health workers (CAHW) to set up community pasture seed banks, promote the CAHW model amongst dairy farmers. Mentor the milk aggregation points in business development. Support the establishment of a functional center for excellence in pasture management

In particular, the livestock production officer shall.

• Participate in the implementation of the project activities that support good pasture farming / livestock /industry practices that relate to the development and utilization of feed resources, efficient animal nutrition, feed safety and address the associated trade in animal feed stuffs.
• Support youth to model their business, develop business plans and facilitate business to business engagement.
• In collaboration with implementing partners, participate in the implementation and technical support of the trainees relating to the utilization of feed resources, pasture growing, feeding standards and improved animal nutrition, provide efficient animal nutrition in their livestock development programmes.
• Facilitate Training of Trainers (ToT) for 110 Community Animal Health Workers (CAHW), Village Agents (VA) and Milk Collection Centre (MCC) representatives and project field staff (Livestock Extension Workers, Youth Feld Assistants)
• Develop strategies to enhance and better utilize available / potential feed resources and implement good feeding and mutational practices.
• Advise the engaged local farmers in developing and complying with feed safety / quality standards.
• Contribute to and technically support appropriate supplementary / emergency feeding intervention for livestock in the engaged local farmers.
• Keep up-to-date and informed on relevant developments; design and conduct analytical studies on specific technical issues affecting animal nutrition, feed resources and feed safety.
• Design, develop and implement a Centre of excellence in pasture growing at Ibanda University that will serve the region with feeds and pasture for the livestock in the south- western region.
• Monitor youth during skilling during training, internship and track utilization of skills gained
• With support from project team facilitate research that will guide the improvement in performance of the dairy sector.
• Perform other related duties as required.

Knowledge / Experience, Qualification/skills, and Abilities Required.

Bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine and or Animal production and management. Bachelors and Diploma in Agriculture with a bias in livestock will be considered if candidate has up to 8 years of experience which can be demonstrated to result in the possession of the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform the duties of this position may be considered.

Knowledge and experience

• Minimum five (5) years of progressive management experience in the NGO field with a focus on livelihood development programmes.
• Eight (8) years of relevant experience in the development of feed resources and improved animal nutrition.
• Extent of experience in institution, training and capacity building in the livestock feed / production sector is paramount.
• Possess computer / word processing skill and should be capable of working with people of different cultural back grounds.
• Knowledge of project formulation and implementation and funding requirements of donor agencies.
• Experience in youth skilling
• Experience in setting up and managing livestock farms.
• Vast experience in value chain development is essential and particularly experience in dairy value chain would be desired.
• Experience in business incubation, management, and acceleration
• Demonstrable strategic management and planning experience.
• Experience with budget management, financial forecasting, and donor compliance issues.
• Staff Management experience.
• Experience in research and development
• Knowledge of environmental good practice.
• Practical experience in implementing skilling initiatives and supporting communities to start, manage and grow their IGAs.


• Strong leadership ability
• Excellent communication skills (Fluency in English is required. Runyakitara Communication skills are a strong advantage.)
• Good presentation skills
• Report writing skills
• Excellent interpersonal skills
• Strong networking skills.
• Able to participate on a policy level with government and other development partners
• Ability to plan own work and manage conflicting priorities.
• Innovative and critical thinking.

Reporting relationship.
Reports to Project Manager- Ibanda University

Period of assignment.
The position is required for 5 (five) year expected to start by January 2023

Deadline of this Job: 10 October 2022
Hyg Saf Sec Societal Env Qual

Job Description
• Manage the affiliate environmental obligations in accordance with national, international and Company’s requirements.
• Manage a team of environment engineers, compliance officers and specialists in the development of affiliate environment management system, policies and procedures in particular ESIA, Monitoring and Reporting systems, ISO14001 compliance, Climate Change Strategy, Oil Spill Contingency Planning.
• Develop and implement environmental asset registers, management plans and procedures to ensure conformance to legal, international and the company requirements to promote sustainable development.
• Coordinate the preparation of the affiliate in readiness for operations phase. This shall include the certification of the company management system to ISO14001 and development of an Energy Management System (in line with ISO 50001 requirements),
• Development of a comprehensive data management system to enable accurate reporting of emissions (air, water and waste) in accordance with regulatory requirements, Company Rules and international standards. Particular attention shall be paid to GHG emissions and waste management.
• Coordinate the development and sanction (internal and external) of department detailed workplans and budgets, affiliate long term planning and associated budgets in collaboration with H3SE team, BD team and Finance.
• Ensure delivery of assigned activities and management of associated budgets.
• Responsible for stakeholder engagement aspects relating to Environment aspects of project activities.
• Act as project manager for the implementation of the Tilenga and Tilenga Feeder ESIAs, Management Plans and Certificate of Conditions.
• Coordinate the development of industry specific workgroups to ensure implementation of environment and social requirements (Oil Spill Working Group, Climate Change Working Group, Chemicals Working Group, Waste Management Working Group etc.)
• Develop and implement the affiliate waste management strategy and ongoing monitoring.
• Development of affiliate environment monitoring strategy and detailed monitoring and reporting aspects in accordance with national legislation, company rules and international standards e.g GHG Protocol, EPER.
• Regularly liaise with Logistics, Biodiversity, Project, Drilling & Wells, EACOP teams in relation to activities to ensure consistency across projects and aligned strategies.
• Ensure coordination with Social Performance and Biodiversity Departments.
• Act as environmental point of contact for all related consultations with Government of Uganda agencies (NEMA, PAU, DWRM, District Environment Officers etc.)
• Provide support to the rest of the business to plan and implement activities in line with the environment strategy and committed standards
• Lead the development and implementation of the Company's H3SE MS to be aligned with the principles of ISO 14001/ISO 50001 and ensure continuous improvement across whole Company and activities.
• Company focal point for execution of regulatory audits required under EIA Regulations.
• Audit, analyse and report environmental performance to internal and external stakeholders.
• Coordinate meetings and provide consultations on environmental matters and participate in environmental education and research.
• Serve as a member of the Affiliate’s Incident Management Team and act as Environment Unit.
• Manage, supervise and provide coaching for personnel working in Environment team. The job holder is responsible for the transfer of knowledge, skills, know-how, as well as the training and development of all department individuals.
• Promote and raise awareness, at all levels of the organisation, of the impact of emerging environmental issues, whether legislative or best practice.

Candidate profile
• Master’s degree or equivalent in an environment, sustainability or science related discipline.
• Minimum of 10 years operational experience, at least 5 of which in oil and gas .
• Experience in a supervisory or management role (Coordinator/Supervisor).
• Experienced in the development of environmental studies and the application of national regulations and International Finance Corporation performance standards and ISO14001.
• Knowledge of GHG emissions monitoring, reporting and energy management is desirable.
• Understanding and awareness of key policies affecting the development e.g. climate change and adapting environment strategy of the affiliate accordingly.
• In depth knowledge of the company policies and regulations enabling the transfer of know-how and training staff to recognize and contribute to improved environmental performance.

Deadline of this Job: 10 October 2022

Hyg Saf Sec Societal Env Qual

Job Description
• Manage a team of engineers and specialists to design, plan and implement a programmatic approach for rangeland components of the Tilenga Biodiversity Program. This shall be done in the context of implementing a suitable governance structure for MFCA which shall ensure the successful delivery of the Tilenga project net gain objectives as described in the Biodiversity Ecosystem Services Action Plan.
• Responsible for leading a team to secure necessary buy in and endorsement of an appropriate governance and financial framework to secure long term objectives of Tilenga Biodiversity Program as part of the objectives of protected area management plans as specified by Govt institutions.
• Support the evaluation and update process for Murchison Falls National Park General Management Plan
• Manage the delivery of detailed design, planning and roll out of activities in a phased, collaborative approach designed to address threats to Murchison Falls Conservation Area. The activities shall incorporate initiatives and implementing partner(s) to support improvements in protected area management, tourism opportunities and development of community-based programs designed to support conservation efforts whilst creating lasting benefits for communities.
• The activities shall incorporate appropriate initiatives to be rolled out in consultation and partnership with Uganda Wildlife Authority, PAU, Implementing Partner(s), local leadership and community user group(s) and shall be aligned with Protected Area Management Plan(s) and regional development objectives.
• Oversee the implementation of appropriate surveys, monitoring programs and evaluation activities for rangelands taking into account data from third party sources.
• Interface with the Biodiversity Methods Manager to ensure that mitigation hierarchy is rigorously applied for the Tilenga project direct and indirect impacts management (including those related to construction and operations activities inside Murchison Falls National Park)
• Responsible for overseeing the development of an appropriate monitoring and evaluation framework for rangelands in close collaboration with Biodiversity Methods Manager.
• Provide technical inputs required by the Biodiversity Methods Manager to ensure appropriate survey design, monitoring & evaluation and reporting is undertaken for Rangelands in accordance with agreed KPIs.
• Represent Company at appropriate external forums pertaining to rangelands and protected area management subjects.
• Promote awareness, sensitization and capacity building of Company personnel, JVPs, regulatory authorities on the impact of emerging biodiversity related issues and in particular ones associated with rangelands, whether legislative or best practice.
• Manage the process of developing, planning and implementing technical, operational, and strategic documents such as scopes of work, terms of references, proposals, concept notes, logical frameworks, management and action plans, presentations, amongst others.
• Liaise with other members of the biodiversity team, and other relevant departments to ensure full alignment during execution of the Tilenga Biodiversity Program.
• Provide necessary technical input to address aspects and recommendations raised by third parties including IUCN, IBLAC etc.
• Responsible for capturing and capacity building on ‘best practice’ rangeland management; rehabilitation, awareness and management at all levels.
• Ensure mitigation of the negative impacts and enhancement of positive impacts of the company’s activities on the environment, in line with IFC performance standards
• Provide specialist advice in impact assessment on environmental matters in order that the company can demonstrate it’s commitment to sustainable development, ensure legal compliance and minimize the potential for litigation or damage to the company's reputation.

Candidate profile

• Bachelor of Science in Environmental Conservation, Natural Resources Management, Ecology
• At least 10 year's professional experience in conservation-based discipline.
• In-depth knowledge and demonstrated commitment to wildlife conservation and natural resource management.
• Knowledge of integrated landscapes and familiarity with sustainability issues is essential.
• Thorough knowledge and understanding of national and international requirements and IFC standards,
• Demonstrated ability to think creatively and solve problems effectively. Must have a strong drive for results with demonstrated ability to work both independently and as a member of team.
• Ability to work with a diverse range of stakeholders (at national and international level) and with communities.
• Ability to manage and effectively coordinate a multidisciplinary team.
• Negotiation, conflict management skills.
• Strong report writing and analytical skills.


Office Hours:
8:00am - 5:00pm

+256753298980, +256773966860