Request for Bids to Supply Road Equipment Tendering at Uganda Wildlife Authority

1.            Scope of Bid      

1.1          In connection with the Specific Procurement Notice, Request for Bids (RFB), specified in the Bid Data Sheet (BDS), the Purchaser, as specified in the BDS, issues this bidding document for the supply of Goods and, if applicable, any Related Services incidental thereto, as specified in Section VII, Schedule of Requirements. The name, identification and number of lots (contracts) of this RFB are specified in the BDS.

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1.2          Throughout this bidding document:

(a)          the term “in writing” means communicated in written form (e.g. by mail, e-mail, fax, including if specified in the BDS, distributed or received through the electronic-procurement system used by the Purchaser) with proof of receipt;

(b)          if the context so requires, “singular” means “plural” and vice versa; and

(c)           “Day” means calendar day, unless otherwise specified as “Business Day”. A Business Day is any day that is an official working day of the Borrower. It excludes the Borrower’s official public holidays.

2.            Source of Funds

2.1          The Borrower or Recipient (hereinafter called “Borrower”) specified in the BDS has applied for or received financing (hereinafter called “funds”) from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development or the International Development Association (hereinafter called “the Bank”) in an amount specified in the BDS, toward the project named in the BDS. The Borrower intends to apply a portion of the funds to eligible payments under the contract for which this bidding document is issued.

2.2          Payment by the Bank will be made only at the request of the Borrower and upon approval by the Bank in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Loan (or other financing) Agreement. The Loan (or other financing) Agreement prohibits a withdrawal from the Loan account for the purpose of any payment to persons or entities, or for any import of goods, if such payment or import is prohibited by decision of the United Nations Security Council taken under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations. No party other than the Borrower shall derive any rights from the Loan (or other financing) Agreement or have any claim to the proceeds of the Loan (or other financing).

3.            Fraud and Corruption    

3.1          The Bank requires compliance with the Bank’s Anti-Corruption Guidelines and its prevailing sanctions policies and procedures as set forth in the WBG’s Sanctions Framework, as set forth in Section VI.

3.2          In further pursuance of this policy, Bidders shall permit and shall cause their agents (where declared or not), subcontractors, sub consultants, service providers, suppliers, and personnel, to permit the Bank to inspect all accounts, records and other documents relating to any initial selection process, prequalification process, bid submission, proposal submission, and contract performance (in the case of award), and to have them audited by auditors appointed by the Bank.

4.            Eligible Bidders

4.1          A Bidder may be a firm that is a private entity, a state-owned enterprise or institution subject to ITB 4.6, or any combination of such entities in the form of a joint venture (JV) under an existing agreement or with the intent to enter into such an agreement supported by a letter of intent. In the case of a joint venture, all members shall be jointly and severally liable for the execution of the entire Contract in accordance with the Contract terms. The JV shall nominate a Representative who shall have the authority to conduct all business for and on behalf of any and all the members of the JV during the Bidding process and, in the event the JV is awarded the Contract, during contract execution. Unless specified in the BDS, there is no limit on the number of members in a JV.

4.2          A Bidder shall not have a conflict of interest. Any Bidder found to have a conflict of interest shall be disqualified. A Bidder may be considered to have a conflict of interest for the purpose of this Bidding process, if the Bidder:

(a)          directly or indirectly controls, is controlled by or is under common control with another Bidder; or

(b)          receives or has received any direct or indirect subsidy from another Bidder; or

(c)           has the same legal representative as another Bidder; or

(d)          has a relationship with another Bidder, directly or through common third parties, that puts it in a position to influence the Bid of another Bidder, or influence the decisions of the Purchaser regarding this Bidding process; or

(e)          or any of its affiliates participated as a consultant in the preparation of the design or technical specifications of the works that are the subject of the Bid; or

(f)           or any of its affiliates has been hired (or is proposed to be hired) by the Purchaser or Borrower for the Contract implementation; or

(g)          would be providing goods, works, or non-consulting services resulting from or directly related to consulting services for the preparation or implementation of the project specified in the BDS ITB 2.1 that it provided or were provided by any affiliate that directly or indirectly controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with that firm; or

(h)          has a close business or family relationship with a professional staff of the Borrower (or of the project implementing agency, or of a recipient of a part of the loan) who: (i) are directly or indirectly involved in the preparation of the bidding document or specifications of the Contract, and/or the Bid evaluation process of such Contract; or (ii) would be involved in the implementation or supervision of such Contract unless the conflict stemming from such relationship has been resolved in a manner acceptable to the Bank throughout the Bidding process and execution of the Contract.

4.3          A firm that is a Bidder (either individually or as a JV member) shall not participate in more than one Bid, except for permitted alternative Bids. This includes participation as a subcontractor. Such participation shall result in the disqualification of all Bids in which the firm is involved. A firm that is not a Bidder or a JV member, may participate as a subcontractor in more than one Bid.

4.4          A Bidder may have the nationality of any country, subject to the restrictions pursuant to ITB 4.8. A Bidder shall be deemed to have the nationality of a country if the Bidder is constituted, incorporated or registered in and operates in conformity with the provisions of the laws of that country, as evidenced by its articles of incorporation (or equivalent documents of constitution or association) and its registration documents, as the case may be. This criterion also shall apply to the determination of the nationality of proposed subcontractors or subconsultants for any part of the Contract including related Services.

4.5          A Bidder that has been sanctioned by the Bank, pursuant to the Bank’s Anti-Corruption Guidelines, in accordance with its prevailing sanctions policies and procedures as set forth in the WBG’s Sanctions Framework as described in Section VI paragraph 2.2 d., shall be ineligible to be prequalified for, initially selected for, bid for, propose for, or be awarded a Bank-financed contract or benefit from a Bank-financed contract, financially or otherwise, during such period of time as the Bank shall have determined. The list of debarred firms and individuals is available at the electronic address specified in the BDS.

4.6          Bidders that are state-owned enterprises or institutions in the Purchaser’s Country may be eligible to compete and be awarded a Contract(s) only if they can establish, in a manner acceptable to the Bank, that they (i) are legally and financially autonomous (ii) operate under commercial law, and (iii) are not under supervision of the Purchaser.

4.7          A Bidder shall not be under suspension from Bidding by the Purchaser as the result of the operation of a Bid–Securing Declaration or Proposal-Securing Declaration.

4.8          Firms and individuals may be ineligible if so indicated in Section V and (a) as a matter of law or official regulations, the Borrower’s country prohibits commercial relations with that country, provided that the Bank is satisfied that such exclusion does not preclude effective competition for the supply of goods or the contracting of works or services required; or (b) by an act of compliance with a decision of the United Nations Security Council taken under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, the Borrower’s country prohibits any import of goods or contracting of works or services from that country, or any payments to any country, person, or entity in that country.

4.9          A Bidder shall provide such documentary evidence of eligibility satisfactory to the Purchaser, as the Purchaser shall reasonably request.

4.10        A firm that is under a sanction of debarment by the Borrower from being awarded a contract is eligible to participate in this procurement, unless the Bank, at the Borrower’s request, is satisfied that the debarment;

(a)          Relates to fraud or corruption; and

(b)          Followed a judicial or administrative proceeding that afforded the firm adequate due process.

5.            Eligible Goods and Related Services        

5.1          All the Goods and Related Services to be supplied under the Contract and financed by the Bank may have their origin in any country in accordance with Section V, Eligible Countries.

5.2          For purposes of this ITB, the term “goods” includes commodities, raw material, machinery, equipment, and industrial plants; and “related services” includes services such as insurance, installation, training, and initial maintenance.

5.3          The term “origin” means the country where the goods have been mined, grown, cultivated, produced, manufactured or processed; or, through manufacture, processing, or assembly, another commercially recognized article results that differs substantially in its basic characteristics from its components.

The Bidder may send the bid by e-mail to their Embassy if they are willing to assist.  The Embassy may print the bid from the scanned copy of the bid and submit the bid with a letter from the Embassy confirming authenticity of the bidder and the bid. The scanned copy with the letter from the Embassy will be accepted as original. The Bidder is responsible to submit the complete bid and the Employer bears no responsibility. Embassy should be advised to maintain confidentiality particularly when they are printing bids from multiple bidders.

Option 2

The Bidder may send the bid by e-mail to their local representative along with scanned copy of the authorization to sign (POA) the bid. The local representative could print and sign the bid based on the scanned copy of the authorization to sign (POA) the bid and submit. The scanned copy of authorization to sign will be accepted instead of original authorization to sign the bid as contemplated in ITB 21.3.

Option 3

Submission of the bid by Electronic e-mail (EM):

The PDF copy of the Bid should be submitted by EM. The PDF copy should be encrypted or password protected. The Email should not be encrypted but only the attachment shall be encrypted or password protected. The procedure is:

a)            The Zipped file to be sent to the following email: and

b)            Password or encryption key should be broken into two parts. The two parts should be sent as below:

(i) The first part be sent by EM to:

(ii) The second part be sent by EM to:

c)            Bidder will receive the confirmation email from the Borrower once the bid is received by e-mail.

Important Note:

(i)            If the Bidder follows Option 1 or 3, even then, the bidder shall send the original bid as per ITB 22 for Employer’s record as per address given in ITB BDS 25.1.

(ii)           If the Bidder follows Option2, the bidder shall send the original authorization to sign the bid (POA) for Employer’s record as per address given n ITB BDS 25.1

We are procuring road equipment under Investing In Forest And Protected Areas For Climate Smart Development Project. Please access the detailed request for bid document here REQUEST FOR BIDS

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Job Category: Tenders in Uganda
Job Type: Full-time
Deadline of this Job: 22nd June 2023
Duty Station: Kampala
Posted: 23-05-2023
No of Jobs: 1
Start Publishing: 23-05-2023
Stop Publishing (Put date of 2030): 23-05-2077
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